Technical Support

R = RELIABLE cork stoppers

We know that, due to its nature, the only way to provide consistently reliable cork stoppers to wineries around the world, is to adopt industry-leading standards of Quality Control for cork stoppers throughout the entire supply chain, in order to reduce variability to a bare minimum.

  • Bottleneck profile analysis
  • Food-grade certificate
  • HACCP methodologies
  • ISO standards for Cork Stoppers Quality Control (ISO 9727/10718/20752)
  • Adoption of customers’ Technical Specifications
  • QC report on every order delivered

Continuous Research & Development to improve the cork stoppers’ performance:

  • Consistent and smooth behavior during bottling
  • Reduced Capilarity
  • Clean sensory properties
Product Technical Specifications

The following specifications are currently available for download. More information is added every week. If you need additional information please write us an email or use the contact form on the sidebar.

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Guidelines for Storage and Use of Cork Stoppers

Following these simple guidelines will prevent major headaches, avoiding production stoppage and saving you many hours of downtime labor costs.

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Soon, in this section you will be able also to download:
  • Quality Control Manuals for Cork Stoppers (R.Cork and third-party)
  • Bottling practices advices and tips for trouble-free wine corkage