Perfect X

Premium micro-agglomerated cork developed for demanding wineries and fast consumption wines (up to 2 years).

Manufactured by individual moulding process without synthetic micro-expanders.

Multifunctional: suitable for still wine, sparkling wine, cider or beer.

Key Benefits

  • Very clean sensory properties and regular Oxygen Transmission Rates;
  • Highly consistent with very regular performance in the bottling line;
  • High resistance to pressure (up to 6 bar). Sparkling wine stays fresher for longer.

Technical Specification

LengthVn ± 0,5 mm
DiameterVn ± 0,3 mm
Moisture4 – 8 %
Shear Strength≥ 8 daN/ cm2
Torsion Angle≥ 60 °
ApparentDensity280 ± 25 Kg/ m3
Resistance to Boiling WaterAbsence of disaggregation
Permeation of gasAbsence of gas bubble
Total count (moulds, yeasts and bacteria)£ 4 colonies/ corkstopper (*)
Releasable 2,4,6-TCA< Limit of Quantification

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