Natural Corks

Natural corks are the classic closure that allows the wine to reach its full aging potential. Therefore, R.Cork’s natural corks are submitted to the strictest quality and sensory control, from raw material up to the finished product. Above all, our methodology was developed to guarantee you that we will never have to compromise on quality standards. In other words, our natural corks will provide best value for your money without any surprises.

Available in different visual grades.

Key Benefits

  • Unlocks the full aging potential of wine
  • Premium consumer perception
  • Lowest carbon footprint type of closure
LengthVn ± 1,0 mm
DiameterVn ± 0,5 mm
Ovality≤ 0,7 mm
MoistureContent4 – 8 %
Dustcontent≤ 2,0 mg/ cork
Residual OxidantsNegative
Total Count
 ≤ 4 colonies/ cork
SealingNo leakage at 1 bar
Sensory Evaluation“Off-flavours” ≤ 3%
and TCA ≤ 1%
Releasable 2,4,6 TCATCA < 2,0 ng/ l
Extraction Force15 – 40 daN (**)
Download Technical Datasheet

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