This best-selling stopper has a proven track record to be an excellent cost-effective choice for young fast consuming wines (such as white wines).

Cork granules and disks are submitted to a thorough disinfection to assure its sensory integrity. All binding agents used in production are food-grade and FDA-approved.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent sensory behaviour
  • Only natural cork is in contact with the wine

Technical Specification

DiameterVn ± 0,3 mm
LengthVn ± 0,5 mm
Diskthickness5 ±  1 mm
MoistureContent4 – 8 %
Shear Strength≥ 6 daN/ cm2
TorsionAngle≥ 30 °
Apparent Density280 ± 40 Kg/ m3
Resistance Boiling WaterAbsenceofdisaggregation
Dustcontent≤ 2,0 mg/ cork
Residual OxidantsNegative
Total count (moulds, yeasts and bacteria) ≤ 4 colonies/ corkstopper (*)
SealingAbsence of leakage
at 1 bar
SensoryEvaluation“Off-flavours” ≤ 4%
and TCA ≤ 1%
Releasable 2,4,6-TCATCA < 2,0 ng/ l
Extraction Force15 – 35 daN (**)


Download Technical Datasheet

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