0+2 for Champagne

The 0+2 Corks for Champagne are individually molded corks to assure the freshness of premium sparkling wine. Manufactured to withstand the pressure inside a champagne wine bottle (up to 6 bar). This means that sparkling wine will hold its bubbly freshness for longer.

0+2 for Champagne corks from R.Cork are produced from premium natural cork derivates (“Apara Especial”), to assure the best sensory behavior.

All binding agents that hold the cork granules and discs are food-grade and FDA-approved substances.

Key Benefits

  • Superior pressure resistance (up to 6 bar)
  • Excellent sensory behavior



LengthVn ± 0,3 mm
DiameterVn ± 0,5 mm
Ovality11 ±  1 mm
MoistureContent4 – 8 %
ShearStrength≥ 6 daN/ cm2
Torsion Angle≥ 35 °
Apparent Density260 ± 25 Kg/ m3
ResistanceBoilingWaterAbsence of disaggregation
PermeationofGasAbsence of gas bubble
Dustcontent≤ 2,0 mg/ cork
Total Count
<4 colonies/ cork
SensoryEvaluation“Off-flavours” ≤ 4%
and TCA ≤ 1%
Releasable 2,4,6 TCATCA < 2,0 ng/ l


Download Technical Datasheet

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